Water Damage & Shower rooms

Happy September guys

We wrote about leaks earlier this year and I wanted to revisit the issue as we continue to have had a high volume of jobs regarding leak damage. On this occasion, our customer had a beautiful shower enclosure fitted with marble walls but it had been fitted incorrectly. I thought I’d highlight the importance of checking that builders are carrying out the correct installation when it comes to shower enclosures and shower rooms as unexpected repairs could easily run into the thousands of pounds.

I know some people may have a sharper eye and have done extensive research but, for those who may be less experienced when it comes to construction, please see below.

  • We were called in to investigate a leak as the customer has spotted stains on the ceiling and they thought it was coming from the waste on the shower. After a thorough investigation and destructive access, we were able to determine the cause of the leak.

  • The original builders had failed to install the tanking kit which had been provided by the manufactures and this caused the enclosure to leak, causing damage to the ceiling below. As a result of this error, tiles and areas of Marble had to be removed in order for us to fit the waterguard membrane kit.

  • We were able to carry out the necessary repairs and making good but this something that could have easily been avoided.

When spending your hard earned money, always question the builder if you have any doubts.

Chris McIntoshComment