Replacing the Mouldy Silicone

We all know when It’s time to replace that mouldy silicone

Silicone doesn’t last forever and every couple of years it will need replacing in order to keep it looking fresh, especially in the bathroom. Although It may seem daunting to replace, I’ve listed a few tips which will help if you’re planning to removing and replacing your silicone.


The tools that you will need are:


Stanley Knife and Chisel

White Spirit

An old Cloth


Mastic Gun

Silicone profile tool

Washing up liquid and a spray bottle


Should I apply new silicone sealant over an old sealant?

Never apply new silicone over an old silicone bead as it’s a waste of time and the old silicone is no longer serving much purpose. No matter how much new sealant you apply, water will still get through and continue to cause damage . Not to mention, applying new silicone over old will look incredibly messy and unappealing.

How to Remove Silicone?

Before you begin, make sure you’re wearing some old clothing and the necessary safety gear such as gloves.

Using a sharp tool – ideally a Stanley knife or chisel – cut the old sealant away, being cautious not to damage the surface or tiles that you’re removing the silicone from. Continue until you’ve removed as much of the old silicone as you possibly can.

Once most of the old silicone has been removed, you’ll need to tackle the small, fiddly strands that are leftover before applying a new layer of silicone to the area. Initially, try pulling away the leftover sealant with your hands. If this fails, dab the leftover strands with white spirit until they come away or dissolve (check that the tiles or surfaces are suitable for use with white spirit).

How to Replace Old Silicone Sealant

Before you start, make sure the area is completely clear and dry and If that’s the case, you’re ready to apply silicone!

Take a new tube of silicone and insert it into the mastic gun and only cut around 1cm from the end of the tube to ensure that you don’t get too much sealant when you press down – think of it as if you were icing a cake!).

You’re ready to re-seal!

Grab a spray bottle and add 3 parts of water to 1 part washing up liquid and set aside!!

Angle the tube length ways between the surface and tile and squeeze the trigger down, moving along the joint to leave a clean line of silicone. Repeat this step until you reach the end of the area you’re sealing. Once you’ve done that, grab the spray bottle and spray the silicone bead 2-3 times. To get the final finish, you will need to run your silicone profile tool over the silicone joint slowly, pushing the new sealant into the gaps as you go.


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