Water damage

Hey guys

We’ve had a high volume of jobs for leak damage this year and I thought I’d take a moment to share a few tips to help you protect your bathrooms and prevent any unexpected bills, which could run into the hundreds of pounds.

I know some people may have a sharper eye when it comes to spotting a growing problem, there are those who may be more experienced when it comes to DIY but for those who are not. Please see below.

  • Poorly applied or broken grout will cause water to damage the walls, blow the tiles and in some cases. The water will start to run onto the floor behind the bath or shower.

  • Your P-trap (the connection between the bath and waste pipe) may have small leak, deteriorated washers or could be blocked resulting it water seeping though. It’s best to remove your bath panel, fill the bath and let it run off a few times to ensure that you do’t have a leak.

  • Check the silicone bead between the bath and tiles or where any tiles meet in the corners. It’s imperative that these beads have been applied properly and they are tight. Water will find a way to get through and you may not realise until its too late

  • Shower seals and shower screens need replacing at times. I alway recommend using the hand held shower to test the shower seals and screen for leaks.

  • smells of damp are always a big giveaway, if it smells like damp. don’t ignore it. Acting fast will help you to diagnose the problem early.

This customer didn’t have any plans to replace their bathroom so we gave them a few solutions and carried out the following works:

  • Replacing the p-trap

  • remove the damaged & mouldy grout and silicone

  • remove damaged subfloor, replaced with marine T&G and fitted cement boards

  • remove and replace damaged floor and tiles

  • remove and refit blown walls and floor tiles

  • replace overflow

Water is unforgiving and can destroy your investment. We hope that this blog can assist with any small problems that you’re having and should you need assistance, please feel free to get in contact .