How long does it take to do a bathroom

Happy New Year and I wish everyone a great start to 2019


I just wanted to share my opinion and a few tips on bathroom renovations. Whilst watching a few shows during the festive period, I feel as though reality TV has created a false fast-tracked renovation dream.


The reason why they show bathrooms completely stripped out and made afresh in only one episodes is because there is no way on earth they’d maintain your attention if you were to sit through a real life renovation. For one, it takes a considerable amount of time and two, it would be boring. Keeping in mind too that they also have a huge workforce on TV shows to speed up the process: double the carpenters, plumbers and electricians. This economically would not work in a typical domestic setting due to substantial additional costs.


In my 11 years’ experience working as carpenter/multi trader, I’ve been fortunate to be involved with countless bathrooms. Some small, some big and some more complex than the average sized flat. It’s fair to say the process is very similar whether you’re completing a simple facelift or recreating the shard.


In my first appointment with clients, I always give a clear indication of how long a project is due to take. When I say “your bathroom from start to finish will take approximately 3 weeks” I get a look of utter shock. If you’re a designer or builder, I know you’ll be nodding your head in agreement. Reality TV has completely thrown out any realistic expectations for how long renovations take. My aim of this blog is to break it down for you so that you can be fully prepared and understand exactly what it takes to get yourself a new bathroom and I’ve added a few images of a bathroom that was completed at the end of 2018.


We look the existing space and what materials it is built from. This will give an indication of the timing for the demolition stage. Lathe and plaster walls, lead pipes and damaged joists are some of the things that can cause delays in the demolition stage.


If asbestos is found, it will need to be professionally removed. Allow an additional 1-2 days’ work.


KCMC Services bath SE6.jpg
KCMC Services bath SE6-4.jpg


KCMC Services target completion: 2-3 days



 Once we have the bare structure, we start with the plumbing and electrics by ripping out replacing the services. The walls and floor are chased out for the bathroom suite and the electrical work.

KCMC Services bath SE6-6.jpg

KCMC Services target completion: 2-3 days




Now we’re ready to sheet the walls and ceilings. We typically tend to install OSB T&G with hardie boards on the floors. With the walls, we will tend to fit aqua boards or hardie boards.

KCMC Services bath SE6-5.jpg
KCMC Services bath SE6-8.jpg

KCMC Services target completion: 1-2 days




This is a crucial stage of any renovation as Walls or floors that are not being replaced present problems and potentially slow things down. The floors may need screeding or replacing, the walls will have to be straightened, studwork may need altering and the walls may need to be plastered and levelled

KCMC Services bath SE6-16.jpg


KCMC Services target completion: 1-2 days





We like to spend some time setting out the tiles, as this is an important part, ensuring that the tiles are cut where they need to be and balanced throughout the room, I generally tile floor to ceiling for the walls. Once the tiling is complete, the shower screen can be measured ready for manufacture.

KCMC Services bath SE6-9.jpg
KCMC Services bath SE6-10.jpg




KCMC Services target completion: 4-5 days



Now that the tiles are in place on the floor and walls, it’s time for them to be grouted and siliconed

KCMC Services bath SE6-15.jpg

Target completion: 1-2 days





If you have new door, architraves or skirting. This will now be installed and once they are in place, our painter arrives to paint them along with the walls and ceiling.

KCMC Services bath SE6-11.jpg


Target completion: 2 days



The items that require plumbing have already been roughed in, so now it’s time to install them and connect them all up. These items include the toilet, bath, basin, taps, shower enclosure, radiator and finishing the drainage

KCMC Services bath SE6-14.jpg

Target completion: 2-3 days



As with the plumbing, the electrical items have already been fitted. We will then complete the install of the light fittings, switches, fans, heated tower rail and under floor heating

KCMC Services bath SE6-17.jpg

KCMC Services Target completion  1 day




We’re now well and truly on the home stretch. The accessories like the toilet paper holder, hand towel rail, robe hooks etc can be put in place. The shower screen and mirror are also installed on this day. Once everything is in place, your bathroom is now ready for a final clean. Once it’s looking sparkly, it’s ready for use.

Target completion: 2 days